Trying out Windows Live Writer today…

And so far, I like what I see.  Pretty interesting to use it to type with instead of the “blogger” interface that comes with blogger.  Windows Live Writer (which is free, btw) says that it’s suppose to be easy to see what you’re doing, it edits in real time and shows you the immediate look of your post.  So far – so good, on my end.  And it has a built in spell check!  (Bless you programmers for that one!)

Let’s see if I can imbed video.  If I can, what you will see is a song I wrote October 2009 called “Latter Rain”.  I love it cause it’s fast paced, got a little techno beat and it’s so joyful!  It’s just an instrumental, but to me it just makes me wanna dance in God’s rain of grace!

Wow…that embedding was easy.  OK, so far Windows Live Writer is getting a BIG thumbs up from me!

I’ll be back tomorrow to follow up “The Letter”.  It too will be on “Karen’s Threads of Hope” just to complete the story. Though Brent laughed at me and said, “You know it doesn’t end there!” when I told him what I wanted to do.  He’s right.  There’s more to even the ‘ending’, so I’ll add an epilogue to bring you up to where we are at today.  Do I think I can do it all in an epilogue? Maybe.  ;D

Hmmm…you know what this Windows Live Writer is missing? Emoticons.  You know…smiley faces?  Maybe “real” bloggers don’t use smiley faces.

I like them. :D

Maybe I don’t look serious enough when I use them.  :(]

Oh well.  :p

Ooh look.  I made a bunny:


Be back tomorrow….


karen said...

where do you find windwos live writer?? I am glad you will be able to post tomorrow, sister.. I am about done in after this mornings meeting.. needing to just veg out , lay out, zone out before the Lord... Wrote a poem, that was going to start out an ode to pain, but ended up being more of a praise, and gratitude/emcouragement thing I think. Not going to post it today - I want Jaime's post to be all t hats up there... such a great inspiration to me.. Her cousin I think it was, just had to birth a baby a month or so ago ( could be just a few weeks, cant remember), in which they knew she would die.. So hard on Jaime, and the rest of the family.. I am sure that Jaime might have told her cousin about your posts ( at least it seems like she would have, knowing her heart )...

Wishing you a happy day today.. I know last week must have taken alot out of you, but knowing you also must have found peace in all that writing... YOu are loved. can't wait to read tomorrows posting by my friend, you..

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