"Wild Flower"
Written August 1st, 2013 by Holly Baxley
to the husbandman who cultivates the
garden within me ~ Brent Baxley
I'm wild like the woods
untamed - like the sea
A restless energy
beats inside of me.
A spirited wind
stirring up the trees
pushing ever onward
to new destinies.
I'm not made to be tame
I wish you could see
that I like who I am
though wild I may be.
I'm but a flower
so common to man
that I'm oft overlooked
yet blooming I stand.
I'm a Wild flower
reaching towards the sun
a fragile complexion
unfettered - undone.
Not given a voice
in who I would be
Yet if I chose a life
I would still choose me.
-- Because --

              I'm your Wild flower.
                                              That is...
                                                              ...if you'll have me
I took this picture on the Sequoyah Park Trail during a summer rain shower last week.
Even wildflowers have their own beauty to offer.



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