Oh Kryptic Thoughts - How You Misslead Me

(And yes, I totally spelled Cryptic as Kryptic on purpose, for all you grammar gurus out there. lol.)Sometimes I struggle with ADD.

No - not math.

ADD - more commonly known as ADHD.

So I like to read articles like the following from ADDitude Magazine.  Love their reads - really.  I get a lot of organizational tips as well as ways to find grace in the midst of dealing with this disorder.

So, you'll probably need to read the following article from ADDitude Magazine here:


...to understand why I wrote the below back to the ones who posted the article on facebook. It seems to imply that the writer thought that in using the analogy of Kryptonite, we can "repel" bad thoughts away.

Only one problem with that.  I thought Kryptonite was a bad thing to have- and it seemed to keep good super people from being super good for the good of others. (Ha, try to say that one ten times fast. I double-dog dare ya. *wink* )

So I wrote the following back to the Facebook poster...

 Kryptic thoughts...
  Isn't Kryptonite the very essence of a force that makes a super-one weak?

An inspiring thought empowers me (not Kryptonite).

A negative thought drains me (absolutely Kryptonite).

(A side note here: The author describes a cycle that an ADD adult gets into that he calls "SLIDE-ing":

"It stands for Self attack, Life attack, Imagining the worst, Dread, and Escape. ADDers "slide" a lot. "  (Edward Hallowell, M.D. writer of the article "When Bad Things Happen To ADD people" )
To me -finding the source (the belief) behind this negativity or SLIDE-ing enKryption message of doom is key to helping me inoculating myself from it's power in the future. I love what the author recommends doing, and what has worked for him.
Here's what I'm finding out *now* about my own negative SLIDE-ing thoughts. (It's taken a lot of therapy, kids...so pay attention. lol)
If I find that I am currently powerless over this strong enKryption that is draining every ounce of positive energy in me, (even if I know where it's coming from), I find my "Lois Lane" or my "Martha or Jonathan Kent" people in my life that can also help me by:
* Bringing me back to the present when my mind wanders away to a frightened scenario of the future -- in which I'm defeated and depleted.
* Help me encase that negative Kryptic message with reminding me of positive memories of overcoming other obstacles, just in case I need it.
(and yes, I totally just wrote encase and in case on purpose. lol)
* Just being there for me when I'm not being or feeling so "super".
To me, our minds (our thought lives) are the real Super Power within us. But like any super power, this power will be bent to the Beliefs and WILL of the heart. Both work together...
...or against each other.
Our minds can be trained and re-trained -- learn or unlearn -- whatever habits and hang-ups that need to be ditched, or positive thoughts that can be gained through the ways mentioned in this article.
And sometimes what we need most is not a repellant that we can hold...
...but someone that can hold us, when that force is so overwhelming.
That's what's working for me right now, because I zipped down the SLIDE too fast and didn't even know it. I may be on the brink of some disaster, but I think I've been pulled away from the edge, just in time. And I thank God for it.
Just call me someone who is down right now...but not out for the count.
After all, you can't keep a Super woMan down.


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