You can hear the song's I've written!

Hey all! I'm so excited!  I found this really cool place called LaLa that has my CD on it, and you can listen to it on the player I've embedded on here.  How cool is that??  Just check out the player that's to the right of this post and a little down.
If you like the songs and want to know more about how each one of them got "birthed" (so to speak), check out my music tab off my website at:

I'm still trying to work out the kinks on this website template, but I really like it, and know that eventually I'll get it to look just like I want it.  Embedded players and all in their proper spot.  But still, I'm doing the happy dance, cause you can hear my songs.  Woo hoo!!  Let me know what you think of them.  I'm thinking about working up some videos too - nothing fancy...just sitting at the piano singing. But I really want to embed the lyrics as I play and sing too.  Makes it easier to understand.

My thoughts are jumping everywhere, so I'll close for now.  Gotta head out to an ortho surgeon for an opinion.  Not fun, so praaaaaaay for me.  I feel all squishy like jello.

Will write more soon.  :)


Tracy said...

I left a post on Karen's site by accident, as I saw that it was one of your blogs. So, this comment has taken the long route to you.

You left one of the funniest comments that I have ever heard, so I had to come and check you out. Hope you have all the fun in the world, looking beautiful at WalMart!


Deb said...


Well, I'm glad your followers and guests can listen to your music too.

I did.

And it's wonderful! You have a lovely voice. You're playing the piano. Right? Did you write the lyrics as well?

Thanks for stopping by my place. As soon as I work out a tech issue, I'll come back by and follow you.

Sweet dreams.

Faith Imagined said...

Beautiful voice! Beautiful piano! Beautiful everything!!!

Holly said...

Thank you very much for your beautiful words, sisters!! They are very much appreciated. :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful music!

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