Getting all sorts of happy with MuseScore | Free music composition & notation software…and other ramblings of the week

If you like to write music or have the need to work on musical scores, you should check out this open source (meaning free) software called MuseScore:
MuseScore | Free music composition & notation software
I’ve been looking for a good composition score writing program that I could use with my Windows PC and MuseScore fits the bill.  I can either write notations by hand, or I can use a midi cable and plug it into my keyboard to have it notate that way as well.  I don’t have a midi cable that will work with my current machine yet, so I don’t know how that capability handles. But as far as writing by hand and having it play back, it’s fantastic.  The internal midi instrumentation is very nice too.
I’m so glad I finally have a way to take my “shorthand” written music and expand it to fully written scores.  I would love to offer those as well to those who would be interested in playing some of the pieces I’ve written.
I have to admit, it’s very easy to let time get the best of me, when I’m playing on MuseScore, just because I’m so happy to finally have a music editor that helps me understand the rhythms I need to score.  I’m really bad at writing rhythms normally.  But this editor plays through what I’ve written, and I can stop the playback, scratch my head and go, “Wait.  I hold that note out longer than that.” So I add whatever notation I need to extend that note out to it’s full length, play it back again, and voila– the measures now have the correct musical notation!
You see, I have a gift to play by ear, which is all well and good, but when one can’t sight read well…well, one can’t write scores well either.  So having this editor allows me to “hear” what I’m writing, and therefore understand if I’ve written it correctly.  Kinda like a little internal spell check. 
Let’s see, what else is new?  Well, this has just been a crazy couple of weeks since I’ve written here last. 
First of all, the VoIP (voice over IP) tech work I do for my company has really just boomed over the past couple of weeks.  Also, I got to help a sister-friend get a private blog up and going, so she could invite folks to view her blog and be her eyes as she works on a new Bible study.  (Woo hoo to that! Love writing-friends who love to write!Maybe they’ll rub their excitement and energy onto me, eh??  :D )  I loved working on the blog, cause I got to experiment with another new template design and that was fun.  It’s pretty, I wish you could see it.  It’s got a date-timer notebook on it and a coffee cup and a pen, where you can put in a search field.  It’s really fun looking.
I also had a friend who’s PC almost died…but we brought it back to life!  So that’s good!  (Although I told her later, that if she really wanted her machine to “die”, I could //wink// pronounce it dead for her, and then she could go back to her family going, “Oh shoot.  Looks like we’ll have to upgrade.  Darn.”  But then, I’d feel guilty and so would she.  LOL, the perils of trying to be more like Christ.  He’s got a thing for honesty, you know. ;) )
And…//drum roll please//, I just found out, I got awarded the job of re-designing our county’s website!!  Woo hoo!!  Dance with me people!  And if you need to know what kind of dance to do, come find me at tomorrow.  I got JUST the dance in mind.  Oh, I’ll give y’all a tease on this blog tomorrow too.  Think “Ohhh-paaa!!”
Anyway, I need to get with the person in charge to find out what all that means, design wise and content wise.  I’d get over to her sooner, but holy-snowshoes, Batman…we just can’t seem to get the weather to stop blessing us with snow.  Do you remember, how I said that snowflakes are angel kisses?
Well, for Pete sakes, the angels won’t stop kissing our ground.  The really LOVE it this year, for some reason.  I think my husband is tired of scooping kisses. He does it ever couple of hours it seems.  Poor man.
Ohhh..and in other news, I got my LOWER braces put on and a bite plate, and now I’m all sorts of learning how NOT to be lispy.  Yes, the “sss” sound has come out many a time as a “shhh” sound instead.  It takes a lot of work to pronounce words correctly.  And singing is quite a challenge too.  In fact, when a friend of mine at church asked if I would help her sing “Follow You” by Leeland & Brandon Heath, it didn’t occur to me that I would get my bite plate first…and THEN I would be singing the song.  Ruh-roh Rorge.
I was so nervous that I’d sound stupid, to tell you the truth. And yes, it took a lot of time to teach myself to sing the actual word, “myself”  so that the phrase didn’t come out, “And I give all my-shelf….yes, I give all my-shelf to You.”
(Seriously.  Wrinkles, adult acne, braces, AND a lisp.  yay…)
Yet, as we sang, I just let go and felt God’s presence, and really let the words of that song impact my heart.  I thought about all the ways that I’m privileged to follow Him into the homes of the broken, whether in the town I live in, or invited into the hearts of those I meet here on the internet.  And I bless God for all those He’s put in my life, who have met me in my brokenness and loved me in Jesus. <3
I’m going to embed that song here.  May you hear God’s heart for you in this song.  And may we rise together and go all those places He’s asked us to go…in humility, compassion and grace. Lisp or no lisp.  It doesn’t matter.  If we speak Jesus – all they’ll hear is Jesus.  And that’s all anyone needs to know!

(Beautiful video & piano playing, Melissa!  God bless you!)
All you need is a willing heart…and see where God leads you.  Blessings!


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