I heart Priceline dot com

Normally, I wouldn’t put in a plug for any company on a blog, because I believe there is quite enough marketing tools out there that drown consumers like us as it is.  (Just thinking about tonight’s Super Bowl commercials already have me drooling.) 

But after what happened this weekend, I just have to squeal over the authenticity of Priceline’s “negotiator” promise.  They deliver!!

Last year, I was introduced to Priceline by a friend who used it to find a gorgeous hotel room in St Louis for an incredibly low price.

Wanna see that hotel?

Ta da…
DSC03706  DSC03650

Yes, we stayed at the Hyatt downtown where we looked out our window at the St. Louis arch in the morning.  

What price did our friend “negotiate” for on Priceline? 

I think it was $50 dollars a night.

Oh yeah.  We stayed in a really depressing room.  DSC03648

Not!  The staff even supplied us with milk and chocolate chip cookies that were waiting for us when we came back to our rooms at night!  La…that was amazing.DSC03705

Thank you Hyatt!  You made our time of staying in St. Louis even more memorable!!

So…remembering said trip last year, I wondered, “Can Priceline deliver like that AGAIN? Or was that an amazing fluke or huge blessing that we just happened to get hugged with?)

So…on the day Brent & I needed a hotel room for the night – I got on Priceline that morning to see if I could a)tempt fate b)send a plea to the heavens c)send up a burnt offering d)see how cheap I could get to getting a great hotel room for an inexpensive price.

So, once online, I put in four star hotel, for fifty dollars a night (yeah, that’ll happen), for one night, clicked on the area we wanted to stay in, and clicked to breathlessly await the results.

Here’s the deal with Priceline.  It’s kinda like making a blind date.  You don’t get to chose your hotel.  Your hotel, in a sense, chooses you; that is if it accepts your price offer.  And you, for your part, have to accept in blind faith that the money that’s getting billed to your card is to a place that you haven’t even SEEN yet, but once it’s booked – it’s billed.  Done deal.

For those of you who are a little wary, (OK…who am I kidding?)  If your a control freak like me, and the idea of getting your card booked and billed to a place that you have NEVER seen or agreed with staying there ahead of time – this might be a really hard way take a leap of faith that you’re gonna come out OK.

So, I just wanted to show you, from one control freak cautious person to another, how my deal turned out to be. 

Here’s what we got for $50 at a four star plus hotel for one night.  We stayed at the Hotel Phillips, a beautifully remodeled hotel that recalls the decor of the 1930s. 

We stayed in a non-smoking suite that had a king- sized bed.
See the detailed crown molding above the bed that surrounded the whole room? 


Oh and it was the kind of bed that would put goose-feathers to shame.  I’ve never sunk in so much luxury in my life. 
The people were amazing friendly; the lobby was spectacular.
Front Desk

A view of the lobby/front desk area

A view from the lobby, where Brent and I sat out, while he worked on his presentation.

(One of the personnel even made us coffee and brought it to us while we were down there!  It was so smooth!  I liked it, and I’m NOT a coffee drinker.  :D )
A view of the statue on the second floor named “Dawn”.  Isn’t it beautiful?? 

I LOVE the architecture of this hotel! Sooo luxurious!

It makes one feel pampered and enveloped in beauty.  It turned a good weekend into an incredibly ROMANTIC weekend. 

Oh!  I almost FORGOT!  We were also only two blocks away from the new downtown Kansas City Power & Light District.

I know.  You’re feeling really sorry for us by now, aren’t you?  I feel the love from over here.  :D

We ate at Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Bar and had an all you can eat dinner for two that included dinner, tea AND dessert.

Oh, and we sat in the upstairs area of the restaurant where we watched the snow drift down, captured by laser lights that lit up the sky and made the lights literally sizzle with light steam as it hit.  Oh my gosh. Gorgeous. 
Oh, did I tell you that all the trees along the district are strung with cobalt blue lights (my favorite color…thank you Kansas City!)

Yes, it was like this whole day was made just for us.  Woo woo!!  It’s one I will always treasure forever.

Ooh.   Gotta head to a Super Bowl party.  Son is gripy.  Back to reality.

But oh…what a sweet memory to be able to escape too.  :D

Have a great night!


Karen Lange said...

Wow, good to know. Have heard that Priceline was good but was timid about trying it. Will have to give it a go. Thanks! :)

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