It's the cirrrr-cus of liiiiife...and it moves us all!

Today I had the privilege of sitting with my family as we watched the circus today.  Watching my kids ooh and ahhh over every act made the experience so much more fun!  Because no matter how good the acts were on their own, in my children's eyes they were stupendous. And therefore, they gained an even greater level of achievement in my eyes, through their admiration and approval.

We ooohed over the ring-master's sparkly goodness...

(not actual ring master here, but she wore a very similar outfit...)

                  ...gasped at the dare-devil archery ...

                                         (look hands!)

...clapped over the sweet and very smart bears...

...watched the kids laughing at me
while I freaked out over the motorcycle stunts...

...and watched brave kids ride elephants during the intermission.

Snow cones and cotton candy were devoured (it's a tradition...even in cold temps!) and yes, many parents bought their children sparkly glow in the dark thingies.  We watched other people wave their sparkly glow in the dark thingies...AND...we were not envious!  (A huge parental bonus!)

And personally, I think Brent was a little TOO fond of the aerial stunt ladies diving up and down on Aerial rings intertwined with scarves.  I'm NOT going to put a picture of that on here!

All in all -we had a great time! 

You know, sometimes life feels like a circus.  All the balls are in the air, we're juggling schedules, taming emotions, and letting each family member do their thing in one of three rings - at the same time.  We move through life at a fast pace - one act after another with no stopping till the show is over for the day.  Then we rest, get up and start all over again; another show awaits us.

Our acts may not be daring, nor in the spotlight, nor applauded by others and we may wonder why do we do this to ourselves anyway?  What's the point of all this hustle and bustle and running the course set for us each day?  We may tell ourselves that no one notices and it's not making a difference, so let's just stop - give up.  Besides, our lives are too hectic, right?  Too much go, go, go and not enough sitting and contemplating?

Well, there is a time for rest - that's true.  But a life without purpose, without a drive - well, that leads to despondency and depression.  There is a reason for hard work and a reason for hard rest.  You can't have one without the other or life would be unbalanced.  

However, a life that is balanced (like what is pictured with the beautiful aerial artist above) paints a picture of grace and strength to others.  That balance can only be fully expressed in a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He gives us both purpose and rest - in ways that only He can. 

And when you see your life through others appreciative eyes, it suddenly gets a new perspective and a sense of achievement that you might not have noticed before.  So, keep those balls juggling, reach higher in the air, dare to dream those impossible dreams - for with God, nothing is impossible. 

May His strength and grace shine through you in all you do.

Glory to God!


Holly said...

Man...I just re-read this again and got convicted by my OWN words.

"There is a reason for hard work and a reason for hard rest. You can't have one without the other or life would be unbalanced."

Been fighting the "hard rest". But I don't want to be unbalanced!

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