I've Got a Newly Published article for "Sanctified Together" Publication

I'm excited to announce that I have an article published for online publication, "Sanctified Together."  :)

Their current publication is titled "Life is a Vapor", and my contributing article is called "Learning To Count Correctly."

Here's a teaser from this publication...

"Learning To Count Correctly" - by Holly Baxley
"I'm still older than you!" my eldest son taunts his sister, towering over her. "I'm eight and you're only seven. I know stuff better than you do. 'Specially how to play this game," he chuckle with self satisfaction.

Angrily, Ari jumps up, nearly knocking her brother down. "I'm seven and a half!" she retorts. "You can't tell me what to do! I know how to play it too!"
Brushing away a tear, Arianna runs up to me and asks, "I'm just almost as old as Anthony, aren't I, Momma? He can't tell me how to play, can he?" Anxiously, she peers at me while I let out a sigh.
"Well, baby, first of all, you're not quite seven and a half yet," I start out.
"HA!" Anthony yells, grinning mischievously from across the room.

"But," I continue, "you've been playing this game for as long as Anthony has and you both know the rules pretty well..."

Not satisfied with this beginning, Arianna interrupts me. "I am TOO seven and a half! I mean, I think I'm a 'half'. Aren't you a half, Momma?"

Well yes, I think. Technically I'm 41 and a half...but who's counting?

Liquid pools of inquisitive brown eyes stare at me - desperate for me to affirm her. It's not that Arianna's interested in me affirming her age. What she wants from me is to..."
Read the rest of the article here!  Sanctified Together's April 2010 Publication, "Life Is A Vapor"

Join the email publication list to be blessed by all the talented writers on here. And if you're a writer yourself, check out Sanctified Together's main page to find out how you can contribute. :)

Blessings to you!


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